General Contracting

As a general contractor, Premier Construction Group, Inc. is a "jack of all trades" in the commercial construction field. As the name general contractor implies, Premier Construction Group, Inc. has expertise in many areas.

Our function as a construction contractor is one of bidding an entire job and completing it with our own team, which is typical for smaller projects. For some larger jobs, we may subcontract various specialties to other trades (such as electrical, heating, and plumbing). Either way, Premier Construction Group, Inc., is responsible to the owner for successful completion of the work in a timely manner.

Many owners (Architects/Engineers) prefer one entity to deal with, hence the need for a general contractor. Subcontractors agree to work for the GC and subordinate their rights to him in return for fair and equitable dealing and preference on bid projects.

Premier Construction Group, Inc., meets with other trades, the owner's representatives, and the Architect/Engineer at regularly scheduled meetings at the job site to discuss progress of the work.

Premier Construction Group, Inc. is ultimately responsible for the coordination of all trades and the progress schedule, and as such, we run a tight ship. At Premier Construction Group, Inc., we realize that others are economically dependent upon our management and labor skills, and we work to fairly and expeditiously resolve the disputes and project changes that inevitably occur. Our goal is the timely, harmonious completion of all projects, regardless of size.

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