The Wireless Experience

A good-looking building helps to attract customers, and thanks to Premier, the AT&T showroom in Middletown, New Jersey is now beautiful and a much better place to work than it used to be.

Premier completely gutted and remodeled our interior. Outside, the work started up on the roof where Premier took off the old roof over the main retail showroom, extended the framing upwards and installed a new sloped rubber roof. They also installed a new standing seam metal roof on the existing rear trusses.

The showroom floor was uneven, and about 1/3 of it had to be prepped and poured to make it level. We put in new HVAC, plumbing, and a 3-phase electric system, as well as aluminum storefronts and windows. Now we're up to code and our building meets AT&T's standards for décor finishes.

And one more very important part of the project is that Premier's whole team was very responsive to our questions and concerns.

Brian Wainwright
The Wireless Experience - an AT&T authorized retailer

MOD Pizza


I wanted to take a minute and recognize the team at Premier for their exceptional customer service and quality of construction performed.

Though we have great restaurant heritage in our executive team, MOD Super-Fast Pizza is a relatively young company that focuses on speed, a family dining experience, and great food. Our open-flame ovens are super-hot (800° F) and they cook a pizza in about 5 minutes. Meeting our standards, where each restaurant is personalized to the location rather than cookie-cutter, can be a challenge for a construction company, and at our two restaurants in York, Pennsylvania, Premier met our expectations and finished the construction ahead of schedule.

Our projects consist of construction of our new 3,000 square foot +/- restaurants from an empty shell. The scope includes the installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, all kitchen equipment, our 7k pound pizza oven, walk-in refrigeration, custom interior finishes, and furnishings including the casework and seating package, and exterior seating areas with railings and lighting.

These are challenging projects but Premier continues to manage them very well. The Premier Team are excellent people who do great work. MOD will look forward to continuing our relationship with Premier on upcoming project.

Todd Goldstein
MOD Pizza

Messina Highlands

From the beginning, one of our goals was to give Messina Highlands a different look and feel than other retail centers in our area have. For the buildings, we wanted an industrial look and a small-town feel, along with a modern edge. Premier achieved this by using traditional materials, large storefronts, and unique facades throughout the mall.

Messina Highlands sits on top of a hill that provides a great view, and that location gave us some interesting challenges with grading, parking, and utilities. Premier did a great job of fitting the buildings, parking, and landscaping into a relatively tight site. Messina Highlands works very efficiently, and it looks wonderful. We're completely pleased with everything that Premier has done for us.

Frank Messina
Messina Highlands
Shrewsbury, PA